1st place: Cardooo

We are delighted to announce that Cardooo has just won ‘Best Card’ for 2013 in Australia (Greetings and Gifts Awards – What’s Hot Right Now)  distributed by Pascal Press which is a hard fought award in a very similar market to our own. Thank you Australia!

Keep spreading the word and hopefully Cardooo will make headlines in 2014!


Cardooo would like to thank the Mummy bloggers out there who have supported and reviewed our greeting cards in the last month.


We have a product we genuinely believe can help kids, and so be of interest to parents, hence our Mummy Blog mission.

You may have read in the last few days that the UK has one of the worst literacy and numeracy levels in the developed world.  Truly appalling and frightening news.

Regrettably, but it is a fact, kids are turning away from books.

Maybe because they are too long in this age of the ‘sound-bite’, maybe because they are bombarded with high colour visuals, maybe this makes black & white print too boring.

Whatever, it is a sad state of affairs when 8.5 million adults in our country* have the literacy and numeracy levels of a 10 year old.

Our greeting cards with entertainment, activities, stories within them, in a greeting card format, are proving really popular with kids (and parents!).

Every second a child spends enjoying one of our cards, it is helping with their literacy, numeracy and imaginative development.

We thought Mummy bloggers and their followers (parents) might want to know that there is help (no matter how small) out there.


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Journey Buddies: Perfect for long journeys and rainy days


The sun is shining and the summer holidays are drawing near. BUT have no fear JOURNEY BUDDIES are here!

Stock up with our compact activity books. These little books are crammed full of quizzes, activities, stickers and even a postcard to design! The perfect travel entertainment for long journeys and rainy days and only £3.50. (Colouring pencils included)

You have 8 titles to choose from;

*At the Ballet


*Time Machine

*Journey under the sea

*Day at the Zoo

*Day at the Beach


*Fire Rescue

You can check them out on our website:http://www.cardooo.com/books

This whole range has been designed by our favourite illustrator: Wes Robins @ http://www.wesleyrobins.co.uk/

(Product photography: Wesley Robins/Journey Buddies Designer

What Cardooo are you?

LOVE your Cardooo?

Cardooo have been collecting snaps from happy customers! We’d love to see what fun you’re getting up to with your cards full of fun.

Just email info@bpeint.com with your photograph and what you like best about your cardooo and you too can appear on our wall of happy cardooo customers.

Cardooo @ Progressive Greetings Live 2013


We have just returned from PG Live (The International Greeting card show)

Customers were transported to planet Cardooo for two days at The Business Design Centre in Islington. Positioned next door to the likes of Rachel Ellen Designs and The DM Collection  we were in a prime location to show off our new creations to passers by.

PG Live is a meeting place for the entire greeting card industry. It is where the most experienced publishers and retailers as well as the newest kids on the block are all together with one thing in common – greeting cards.


We were excited to introduce new ranges and designs.

New Range: Get Well Soon 

As well as our puzzle and colouring cards we are delighted to announce a new series of 3 designs within the range, illustrated by Jean-Claude, Cardooo’s illustrator of 2013 who has created a completely unique card format. Titles include an ‘Animal’ colouring card for younger children, and a long ‘Street’ scene with a dot-to-dot roof line that children can cut out to form a free-standing pull-out street! Or if you prefer the traditional booklet format we have a mixed doodle ‘Dream’ card. They all come with stickers and are the perfect entertainment for those on the mend.

We have some great cards coming up in the future. So watch this space and keep up to date with Cardooo.

Cardooo at The London Book Fair 2013


Last week we joined the book world invasion on Earls Court to release our secret weapon. The Story Card.

We also took to the stage (The Children’s Innovation Stage that is) and presented ‘Cardooo’ to a crowd of very supportive book lovers. I have picked out key excerpts from our presentation and hope you find the following of interest.

We are passionate about making learning fun and strongly believe in the power of reading. When poor literacy levels are constantly in the news we are proud to have developed a product on our list to encourage reading. The London Evening Standard’s front page last autumn was that most girls were embarrassed to be seen with a book. But those girls will probably become the women that buy a staggering 85% of all cards sold in the UK. We have to face it that the vast majority of young boys and girls would rather spend their ‘gift money’ on something other than a book, but if we can subtly introduce stories into their birthday cards and get them reading then we know they, like us, will be hooked for the rest of their lives. After all it is not ‘uncool’ to get a birthday card.

So we have created the ‘Story Card’ which are very simply ‘books in cards’ and we launch with;
10 Fairy Stories cards

Little Red Riding Hood
The Three Little Pigs
Billy Goats Gruff
Jack & the Bean Stalk
The Enormous Turnip
Snow White
Puss in Boots

We have left them blank because is there anything nicer than a Grandparent giving ‘The Enormous Turnip’ in a birthday card? Or Goldilocks in a Get Well card? Or ‘Missing you’ with a Snow White? They are all originally illustrated, with text that is brought into 21st century, appropriate for ages between 5 to 90 years old.

At Christmas we are continuing the ‘Story card’ theme, with: ‘12 Days of Christmas’, and ‘T’was the Night before Christmas’, beautifully illustrated, pure Christmas, and a complete must for those holding onto the Seasons joys.

We are also dropping into the covers two classic Christmas stories: ‘The Gifts of the Magi’ and ‘The Little Christmas Tree’, I hope you’ll agree, aside from their commercial uniqueness that they renew some of the missing Christmas magic?

We have plans to launch a comprehensive range of short stories, not just for kids, but also for adults, and are working with authors as we speak.  We see no reason why a range of Contemporary Adult Short Stories and Poetry cards would not sell well in book shops. We are looking to cover the plays of Shakespeare, the novels of Dickens, even the parables of the Bible. We are already meeting with football clubs, museums, tourist sites, cooks, astrologers, and charities to publish bespoke product where they can expand their offerings. There is no reason why in the future book publishers cannot take advantage of our format to publish sample short stories by their leading authors to advertise upcoming novels.

A very senior publisher once said ‘If you carry on like this you could save the short story’. Short Stories struggle in book format, but in a card they could have a whole new lease of life and their natural place would be in a book shop. The great thing about Cardooo is it straddles both card and bookshop markets, a combined market value of £2.6 billion, taking the published page where it has never been before. We believe we are offering the trade an opportunity to take a larger share of the booming card market, with a unique book related product, that will appeal on many different levels to the customer. And while yes some of it will be ‘replacement sales’ but it will be higher margin sales at £3.50.

Afterall what makes more sense? A folded piece of card? Or a card that entertains and stimulates imaginations and creativity? If you had the choice what would you buy your loved ones? We are not claiming our story cards will dramatically improve literacy levels. We are not claiming we can replace all bookshops losses to digital publishing. Nor are we claiming we can muster a huge increase in footfall. What we are saying is our product can help with all of those things, and given time could be a considerable income stream within the book shop, because it is so book related. If we can just get kids imagination sparking by reading one of our cards, it might just encourage them to next try a book. We are obviously not suggesting you don’t sell conventional cards, but we are asking if you could also sell some Cardooos, because you never know, that Cardooo might just set a child off on a lifetime of reading, which I can promise you, a conventional card will not!

We were also very impressed with the illustration talent and enjoyed the portfolio presentations immensely. We hope to work with you in the very near future.

Autumn Fair 2012

Cardooo are once again Birmingham bound for the Autumn Fair at The NEC!

We are looking forward to showing you our latest creations and even a sneek peak of what we have in store for January 2013 and the rest of next year.



Outside appearances are important to us but with a Cardooo its the inside that counts more than anything…so come and experience something totally different.

You will find us on the Cardgains stand in Hall 4 – Stand E30/F31.

Team Cardooo



PG Live ~ 29 and 30th May 2012

It’s our favourite event of the year, when all those brilliant little card publishers and all the big ones too, come together under one roof to show off their wares! Team Cardooo are determined to make their stand BEAUTIFUL this year… and very, very PINK.

We’ll be showcasing all our exciting new ranges, including Journey Buddies, Get Well Soon Cards, and Z cards, as well as our rather exciting Story Cards, which until now have been TOP SECRET!

If you’re a retail buyer and have not yet registered for the fair, don’t despair – it’s not too late… just go to www.progressivegreetingslive.com and make sure you do it before the 29th May…

We can’t wait to see you at stand 205!

Team Cardooo x

P.s… If we have not already posted you this invite – feel free to print it out and bring it along to the fair for a lovely 10% off any order you make there!

Get Well Cards With Activities Inside!

We’re SOOOO excited! Samples of all our new ranges have AT LAST landed on our desks and they’re looking gorgeous… the pictures obviously don’t do them any justice, but here’s a couple anyway:

And here’s the latest press release for the Get Well Cards…


For More Information or Jpegs:

Nick Kenney 020 3167 1804 / kw@bpeint.com

Cheer them up with a Get Well Cardooo!

Medical professionals agree that getting Get Well cards often speeds a patient’s recovery, thanks to the lift in mood it brings, and the reminder of people wishing one well.  Likewise, a busy patient is often a happier one. For this reason Cardooo’s new range of “Get Well Soon” activity cards are rather a good idea.

Cardooo have carved themselves a niche as publishers of novelty cards with books inside and the Get Well range works especially well. For the oldies there are jolly, foiled covers with pages of Sudoku or Crosswords inside to provide entertainment, whilst for the smaller invalid there are 14-page activity books with puzzles, tasks and a fold-out board game, squeezed inside fun covers with glittery space-travelling monkeys or under-the-weather animal athletes. There are also two colour-by-numbers cards, which come complete with pencils. There’s a real sense that this product has been carefully designed with the bored invalid in mind.

A Cardooo will set you back £2.99 – not bad for a present and a card in one – and they’re dead simple to post (only the ones with pencils need a large stamp). You can get them in independent card and bookshops across the UK and Ireland, or order them online from www.cardooo.com.