November 2013


Cardooo would like to thank the Mummy bloggers out there who have supported and reviewed our greeting cards in the last month.


We have a product we genuinely believe can help kids, and so be of interest to parents, hence our Mummy Blog mission.

You may have read in the last few days that the UK has one of the worst literacy and numeracy levels in the developed world.  Truly appalling and frightening news.

Regrettably, but it is a fact, kids are turning away from books.

Maybe because they are too long in this age of the ‘sound-bite’, maybe because they are bombarded with high colour visuals, maybe this makes black & white print too boring.

Whatever, it is a sad state of affairs when 8.5 million adults in our country* have the literacy and numeracy levels of a 10 year old.

Our greeting cards with entertainment, activities, stories within them, in a greeting card format, are proving really popular with kids (and parents!).

Every second a child spends enjoying one of our cards, it is helping with their literacy, numeracy and imaginative development.

We thought Mummy bloggers and their followers (parents) might want to know that there is help (no matter how small) out there.


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